About us

Our mission at LL&P Group is to provide everyone including trail runners, hikers, movers and adventurers a solution to that barefoot feeling of freedom, without compromising on protection from the outside environment. Prior to forming this collaboration with Vivobarefoot, I was a university student, a construction specialist, and a gymnast. I went from being completely immobile, to running around day in and day out, whilst training in the gym for hours on end. This led me to acquire all sorts of injuries, from the cold environment, cuts on my feet and bruises to general muscle stiffness and soreness. This was the catalyst – the inspiration behind me looking for a solution to my busy lifestyle but with the hopeful reduction of the symptoms that came with being active, immobile, and every state in between. This is what led me to be so passionate about the Vivobarefoot shoes. It gave me that feeling of freedom on my feet that I love so much from – not wearing shoes at all! It gave me the protection I needed, while allowing me to go about my daily grind, connect to my surroundings, improve my performance, movement, and training, all whilst giving my body the right tools to get back on my feet!